Do Shape Ups Work? – Definitely Not A Miracle Walking Shoe, But Maybe The Right Amount Of Motivation!

Of course, Sketchers would like you to believe that by strapping on a pair of their fitness shoes that you are going to be well on your way to a toned, firm and nicely formed butt. With all of the claims and hype, it’s hard not to ask, do Shape Ups work? I think it’s safe to say that not too many out there believe wholeheartedly everything they’re told about these “miracle” shoes.

Do Shape Ups Work

According to, the average American takes about 5,200 – 8,200 steps per day, but in order to maintain weight, Dr. Tudor-Locke suggests that one should add another 2,000 – 3,000 steps a day. Personally, I would go another route instead of adding steps to my daily routine. How about a fartlek training workout or even a fun jump rope workout routine!

Taking into consideration every step we take to and from the copy machine, in the grocery store, around the house and so on, we do take a lot of steps every day. The creators of the Sketchers Shape-Ups knew this and decided to capitalize on the fact that the majority of people simply don’t get enough exercise.

Claims About The Sketchers Shape Ups

Here are some of the selling points that the Sketchers website highlights:

  • Benefits: Designed to help burn calories and turn everyday activities into a workout.
  • Straight and Tall: Proper use of Shape-ups may help your body appear taller and improve your posture.
  • Lean and Long-Lasting: Continuous use Shape-ups of footwear may help burn calories and improve cardiovascular health, which should result in a leaner you and improved coordination, stamina and metabolism.
  • Toner Muscles: Shape-ups may help activate and strengthen muscles typically underused in daily activity – potentially resulting in a stronger back, firmer legs and tighter abdomen.
  • Easier on Joints and the Back: Shape-ups may help reduce pressure on joints by providing a more natural, forgiving walking surface.
  • Technology: Shape-ups feature a unique soft Resamax™ kinetic wedge insert and dynamic rolling bottom to simulate walking on soft sand. This may result in stronger, leg, and buttock muscles.

But What Are Other People Saying? considered the answer to “Do Shape Ups Work?” Here is a quote from that page talking about possible benefits:

Walking in them is akin to exercising on a balance or wobble board in the gym or barefoot along a sandy beach. Advocates say that this instability forces you to use muscles that you otherwise would not — namely those in your feet, legs, butt, and abs — which could lead to weight loss.

Here is a quote made after stating that after a case study, participants did not burn a significantly greater amount of calories:

That said, “If these shoes are serving as a motivator for individuals to walk or get moving more often, that is a good thing, even if they don’t produce the dramatic toning and calorie-burning results people think they are getting.” says Cedric X. Bryant, PhD.

As you may have guessed, the claims from Sketchers are most-likely over stated, but there can still be some good that comes from owning a pair. Since they are not cheap, you will make sure to use them. Since these shoes are quite irregular (and funny looking), they will be a bit of a challenge to walk correctly in — This is a good thing though! By maintaining proper form, you will be activating your core muscles.

How to Walk in Shape Ups

Believe it or not, there is actually a technique to how you should walk with these on.

  1. Step forward with one foot and make contact with the lowest part of the heel.
  2. Roll the foot forward from the heel towards the ball of the foot.
  3. As you step off of your back foot, make sure to roll your foot completely forward so that you toe is the last to contact the ground.
  4. Keeping your strides slightly shorter than your “normal” strides. Repeat step 1.

*Hold your back and neck straight and look forward without looking at the ground. Try not to exaggerate your steps or walking form.

Well, Do Shape Ups Work?

There doesn’t seem to be a “yes” or a “no” answer to the question. Do shape ups work as well as Sketchers would like you to believe — probably not! Do they work to motivate ones to get outside and walk, while improving posture and targeting muscles in your feet, legs, butt and abs that may not otherwise get targeted — actually they do.

*I am in no way telling you to go out and spend $100 on a new pair of shoes because they are miracle shoes and you will automatically get a nicely shaped bod. I personally don’t own a pair and don’t plan on getting any, but if you want to add some variation to your daily walk, and don’t mind forking out the dough, I don’t see any harm in doing so.

Do you already own a pair? I’d like to hear from you — Do Shape Ups Work?

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