Checkout Rusty Moore’s Abs Blueprint 1.0 To Get Deep & Defined 6 Pack Abs – Released For Free

This isn’t a full-on Abs Blueprint Review, because you can get it for free and review it yourself! I just wanted to announce that it was out and to point you in the direction to go grab it while you can.

Abs Blueprint By Rusty Moore

What is perhaps the most impressive aspect to this ab routine, other than the “deep” abs it will produce, is the fact that it is all spurred from a fitness instructor and ab specialist golf pro that Rusty was friends with back in the day.

Just to wet your appetite, the following is a list of the main ab routines found in the blueprint, but it is a 44 page document so there is much more than just this included!

  • The Flat Abs Workout
  • The “Skinny Fat” Killer
  • Lower Ab Specialization
  • Deep Abs Level 1
  • Deep Abs Level 2
  • The Beach Prep Tweak

To go get your copy for free, just head on over to Rusty’s site: Abs Blueprint

Rusty Moore is the author of my favorite workouts, Visual Impact Muscle Building, Visual Impact For Women and Visual Impact Cardio.

What makes his products so effective is that fact that he “gets it.” Not everyone wants to look like a huge, bloated bodybuilder when they can look lean and muscular and still be athletic and able to enjoy life.

If you haven’t checked out his workout routines, I strongly suggest that you do — they are top notch!