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Hey there and welcome!

I’m Kevin, the founder of Fitness B&W.

Have you ever tried getting in shape? Like, really “in shape?” Whether you have tried before or have not, I’m here to help.

I tried in the past … didn’t make it.

So what did I do? I got educated. I put my knowledge to work and fine-tuned what I had learned (am still learning).

Do I know everything? Uh, nope. And anyone who says they know all there is to know about the body is either full of “it” or full of themselves … neither is good.

I’ve helped many people get some fantastic results.

On this website and in my private email newsletter I go over some of the approaches that do and do not work. Trust me, I’ve tried a few.

Get The Results You Want

This is not your typical fitness website.

I am certainly not going to promise you 20 pounds of lean muscle in 20 days and neither am I going to promise (or even suggest) that you will go from having a beer belly to having ripped, six pack abs by doing crunches.

What I am going to promise is that you can get the results you want … if you put in the time.

The truth is that you can get in (and stay in) great shape by eating right and working out for only a fraction of the time … but it does still take work.

Like many, I am busy. And to be honest, there are many more important things in my life than working out.

In order to get in the best shape of your life, you need to approach your fitness goals with solid, tested methods. I’m not saying I’ve got all of them (or even most) but I do know of some very effective ways to get in shape.

But before we go any further, let’s clarify “best shape of your life.”

While there is no denying that pro bodybuilders are in incredible shape, getting that look is NOT the focus of Fitness B&W.

Who do I feel is in great shape if not humongous bodybuilders? They are the lean and toned.

An athletic build is so much more attractive, plus you get the added benefit of being able to scratch your own back.

Why Fitness “Black & White?”

The main idea behind the “black & white” is the simplicity.

Getting in great shape does not have to be complicated. Even the science behind certain approaches can be made simple to understand and easy to implement.

That’s what Fitness B&W is all about … providing you with the best knowledge and practices in an easy-to-implement (will actually get done) method.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave me a comment here and throughout the website. I love reading your thoughts, views & questions.

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