My Visual Impact Muscle Building & Cardio Results After 2 Months … To Inspire You To Get Fit

The results and before & after pictures of others can be some of the most motivating, inspiring and influential forces pushing one to get in shape (as long as they’re real – Furious Pete’s video). If you are on the edge and trying to decide if NOW is the time to get in shape, I hope that these Visual Impact Muscle Building results give you that little push you’re looking for.

Although I am a bit hesitant by nature, I’ve decided to share my results (pictures of myself) to help get you motivated. My thoughts are that if you can see what I was able to accomplish in just two months … you’ll be PUMPED to get going too.

While the majority of this article will outline MY results and show you MY pics, my true intention is to motivate YOU to follow me and get in incredible shape.

Also, let’s be clear … I am by no means telling you that you need to useΒ Visual Impact Muscle Building to do so. If you want to get in shape, just get up and go for it … with WHATEVER program that you find appealing to you.

There is really only one thing set in stone … if you want the best possible results you must WORK HARD. Buying a workout manual, diet or the next best DVD is not going to get you in shape … it’s the following it that will. Pick a workout, follow it and don’t stop until you get the kind of results you’re after.

Why I Needed To Get Results

Before we get too far into this … let’s talk about the pink white elephant chubby guy in the room … ME.

For the last year or so I have been VERY busy … kids (one new, one existing), work, personal health issues and a few other fairly serious family issues. Unfortunately, over those months I seriously let myself “go.”

go [g-oh]

1. Relating to, involving or allowing oneself to get fat.

2. Allowing healthy activities to be crowded out by unhealthy activities. These include lack of exercise and poor diet.

Earlier in the year I was hovering around 168 +/- a few and at 8.5% body fat. My normal numbers are usually 175-180 pounds and 10% body fat. At my worst this year, right before I decided to make a push, I was 181 pounds and 13.5% body fat.

Nope, I am not perfect, and am by no means genetically gifted. Like many out there, I KNOW how to get in shape but when life throws a curve ball (or two) it can be difficult to stay on top.

Up until about three months ago I knew I had to kick some of my bad habits (food & drink) and get back to my old self … but I just had not made the commitment to do so.

So what was my plan? To follow the weight lifting advice laid out in Visual Impact Muscle Building along with my recently acquired fat loss skills from Visual Impact Cardio for two straight months.

My Visual Impact Results

On January 11, I snapped a few photos and decided to get back in shape. On March 7, I took a few more photos and after only 8 weeks, I had some GREAT results to show for … plus a bit of a tan … couldn’t hurt πŸ˜‰

Before Visual Impact Muscle Building

After - Visual Impact Muscle Building

Before Picture - Flexed

After Picture - Flexed

In two months the results were in … I had lost 19 pounds and dropped 6.2% body fat after following Visual Impact Muscle Building and Visual Impact Cardio for only 2 months. Pretty stellar results, if you ask me.

I did take a few different before and after photos but not as many as I probably should have. In addition to my pecs and abs looking better; my back, legs and arms are much more defined than they were before … heck, my face and neck are even thinner!

Now don’t get me wrong, there are PLENTY of guys out there in better shape than me. I am, however, quite pleased with how far I came in only two months and I plan on getting even better results next time around since I won’t be starting from so far out.

What Did I Do To Get Here?

To be 100% honest, I don’t think I could have done a whole lot better. I gave it my all and tried my hardest to stay on track the whole time. Of course, I did not do so perfectly. I had a few slip ups, ate a bit too much at times and did not push as hard as I should have at other times.

If I was to give myself a grade, I would still say that I did 90% as good as I could have … yeah, I was pretty darn FOCUSED.

Not only did I follow the weight lifting protocol from Visual Impact Muscle Building, I skipped straight to phase 3. Phase 3 is the portion of the workout that is focused purely on muscle definition and these are the results I was needing to see.

You won’t gain any size or muscle mass from this phase, but you WILL get stronger, harder and more defined muscles. I can live with that.

In addition to strategically lifting to get ripped, I also ate very well. I followed my own dieting advice that I’ve been talking a lot about lately. Basically, I counted calories, incorporated a cheat day into my diet and I did 5 or 6 Eat Stop Eat style fasts during the 2 months.

Here are the posts that talk a bit more about my dieting strategy:

In addition to all of this I also had help from Visual Impact Cardio. I took the fat burning info that I learned there to fine-tune the cardio workouts laid out in Visual Impact Muscle Building to meet my needs.

Overall, I think the results from Visual Impact Muscle Building & Visual Impact Cardio were awesome and I can’t wait to take this to the next level in a few more months.

Visual Impact Muscle Building Results

Now it’s YOUR turn! Figure out what program you want to follow, whether it’s one you put together yourself, find online or buy from Barnes and Noble and get to work creating your own results.

If you want to learn more about Visual Impact Muscle Building and how you can easily setup a workout to fit your needs, checkout this post with a little behind the scenes info (my review) or you can visit the official website here.