Visual Impact Muscle Building Review – Is Rusty Moore’s Workout Worth It?

I mention Visual Impact Muscle Building throughout my blog and make reference to it as my workout of choice. The reason? Please forgive the hype, but it’s because I feel it’s the best muscle building program out there. (you’ll see why in a little bit)

Visual Impact Muscle Building - By Rusty Moore

Again, don’t think I’m hyping this out too much. It does have it’s limitations and the workout is not for everyone, but when you see my results below you’ll know why I can’t help but back this program.

In this review of Visual Impact Muscle Building I am going to give you a sneak peak at what’s inside and I’ll share with you what I did and did not like about it.

In addition to that, we’ll look at the following:

But before getting into this, here are a few real “warnings” to keep in mind before buying:

  1. This is not some magical workout routine where you don’t need to work to get results.
  2. The main focus of this program is to get a medium build with an emphasis on being toned.
  3. I worked my butt off (not quite literally, but almost) to get the results I got.

Now, the fourth point is actually my favorite aspect to the program. Rusty Moore, the author, gets it … he knows how most guys want to look and he really helps you to achieve that look.

“Wouldn’t you rather look more like Jude Law versus a bloated looking professional wrestler … but if you put on too much muscle on the wrong places you get that “cheesy” meat-head aura … and that is not a place where you want to be.” – Rusty Moore

If you’re looking for a workout designed to make you as big as possible this is not for you.

My Results

Here are my personal before and after pics after going through phase 3 of the program.

Before and AfterVisual Impact Muscle Building Before and After

As I mention below, phase 3 of the workout focuses purely on creating hard, angular and defined muscles, and not on adding size. There is a separate phase for adding size.

Now to be fair, I ate fairly low-carbs and I combined the cardio aspect from Visual Impact Cardio with the weight lifting routines from Visual Impact Muscle Building… but the cardio workouts that are included with the VIMB are still very good and effective.

The 3 VIMB Phases

Each phase is meant to last 2 months and there are 3 different phases.

  • Phase 1 – Rapid Muscle Growth
  • Phase 2 – Increase Muscle Size & Density (definition)
  • Phase 3 – Max Muscle Density & Definition

Also, there is a bonus phase which will help you ad a noticeable amount of muscle in as little time as 2-4 weeks.

The bonus phase is called the “Shrink Wrap” phase because Moore outlines a technique that adds a bit muscle very quickly and your skin takes on a “shrink wrap” affect and is nice and tight around the new muscle growth. This phase is only meant to last a month or so and is designed to be a pre-vacation or pre-summer phase… my results did not include the shrink wrap phase – probably should have included that, oopsie.

Click here and watch video #3 for more info on that phase  … or continue reading my review to get a little more “behind the scenes” info.

Table of Contents

The Visual Impact Muscle Building program sells for $47 and comes with the main manual, a printable workout chart and a book with alternative exercises.

  1. Main Manual
  2. Exercise Demonstrations
  3. Printable Workout Charts
  4. Supplement Conspiracy e-book

Visual Impact can be purchased from Rusty’s site — click here.

Main Muscle Building Manual

Visual Impact Muscle BuildingIntroduction: The Meat-Head Movement is Strong.
Why training to look and feel better is frowned upon by “real” lifters.

Chapter 1: Concentrating on “The Big 3”?
Building a body based on the dead-lift, squat,and bench press creates imbalances for most.

Chapter 2: The 2 Main Types of Muscle Growth
Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy Vs Myofibrillar Hypertrophy

Chapter 3: “Cumulative Fatigue”
Building fatigue in the muscle from set-to-set to increase muscle mass quickly.

Chapter 4: A High Volume of Sets and Reps
A high volume of sets and reps is ideal when building muscle is the main goal.

Chapter 5: Hybrid Muscle Building
Mixing different muscle building and strength training principles for your ideal results.

Chapter 6: How Much Muscle Can You Gain?
The answer to this question is largely determined by how much muscle you have already gained.

Chapter 7: Eating for Muscle Gains
You want to eat just a little over maintenance while getting enough protein and without becoming obsessed.

Chapter 8: Only Proven Muscle Building Supplement
There is only one muscle building supplement worth taking. Everything else is unnecessary.

Chapter 9: Setting Up Your Workout Routine
Discussing the need to customize routines to make them ideal for you and your goals.

Chapter 10: Phase I – Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy
Rapid muscle growth by using the principles of high volume and high fatigue.

Chapter 11: Phase II – Increase Muscle and Density
A combination of increasing strength, muscle density and muscle size simultaneously.

Chapter 12: Phase III – Max Density and Definition
Hardening up the muscles to the max while dropping excess body fat.

Chapter 13: Bonus Phase – Shrink Wrap Your Muscles
Replicating the method that Taylor Lautner and others have “accidentally” used to look ultra sharp.

Chapter 14: Building Mass on Upper Body Only
Just focusing on building size in the upper body or specializing on a particular body part.

Chapter 15: Final Thoughts

Questions and Answers


Visual Impact Exercise Demonstrations

227 pages consisting of different exercises and how to do them.

Printable Charts

Visual Impact Muscle Building Printable Charts

Workout charts to track progress and improvements.

Shrink Wrap Effect

Visual Impact's Shrink Wrap Effect

Moore reveals the methods that some of Hollywood’s top trainers use for their clients.

Negative Reviews

There are two (update – 3) negatives to the program that I found.

  1. Diet
  2. Exercises
  3. No physical/hard copy available

Now don’t get me wrong, the dieting advice itself is not bad; it just isn’t a complete diet manual. This seems a little off base since it’s a workout and not a diet manual but I just want you to know. Rusty doesn’t tell you exactly what to eat, but rather tells you how to eat.

Some may like this approach, whereas others would probably prefer an exact menu to follow.

Also, the exercises listed in the main manual are fairly standard. I’m sure Rusty has his reasons for recommending these, but you might want to get more creative after you’ve been following the program for a while. Definitely feel free to refer to the additional exercises manual to substitute exercises where needed.

Honestly, this isn’t a big deal because it’s more about how you do the exercises than the actual exercises themselves, but again I just wanted to let you know what I found.

Is it a Scam?

So by now you should know that this program is not some internet scam. I have personally followed it as well as thousands others.

Also, this workout is sold by Rusty Moore through a secure ordering system that provides a 100%, 60 day money back guarantee. If you don’t like it or if it doesn’t get you the results you’re expecting you can get a full refund by simply sending an email. I highly doubt you’ll need to do that, but the option is there.

My Final $0.02

I have a copy of this workout and it’s well worth the $47. For about the same price of one session with a decent trainer (1/2 the price of a good one) you can get it and start today.

Also, I mentioned above that I combined this workout with Rusty’s cardio program – absolutely NOT necessary BUT if you do want to go that route, you’ll have an opportunity to pickup his cardio program for 50% off after purchasing Visual Impact Muscle Building… he’ll extend that offer to you only after you purchase the program.

I hope this review served it’s purpose and gave you some insight into the program. For more information or to purchase, visit Rusty’s site.

Click here to go to the official Visual Impact Muscle Building website.