The 10 Best Designed Fitness And Health Blogs … Enjoy!

If you’re a regular reader then you may have noticed a “few” changes on this blog. As a web designer I’m never really happy (or done) with a design, especially one of my own. Design is always changing and improving and if you don’t keep up you get, well, left behind. And that goes for fitness blogs as well.

One thing that many artists do is draw inspiration from other artists. It’s kind of like talking with your buddy about what workout or diet he is doing. It’s interesting to get the viewpoints and opinions of your peers. You get to see what is working (or not working) for them and this sparks ideas. Fitness and health blogs are really not much different.

Best Fitness and Health Blogs (design)

Here are a few sites that I found that I liked … in no particular order. The best part is that these are all VERY good blogs and worth checking out, if you haven’t already.

Also, I’ve prepared a little something different today. To be completely fair to these guys, their sites aren’t going to look as intended in gray scale. However, after about 100 fitness articles ALL done in black and white I am not about to break that streak!

If you click on the screen shot of their site you can see them in all their glory … yes, in color.

#1 – Zen to Fitness

What I love about this blog is the simplicity. A simple and clean site can often be harder to design than one with more going on. Getting a blog to look “designed” and clean is not always easy.

Zen to Fitness

Quote From Zen to Fitness –

“Zen to Fitness is an online magazine supplying free weekly articles on Health and Fitness that can be read in under 5 minutes. The focus is a quality design/content and the site is ad-free.”

Link to site:

#2 Sodium Girl

Sodium Girl is actually one of my favorites. I think the logo is great and I love the use of different fonts … it gets old seeing Arial on every site!

Sodium Girl

Quote from Sodium Girl –

“With a few years of salt-free cooking, eating, and living under my belt, I started this blog to give others a jump start in their own journey.”

Link to site:

#3 Greatist

This is a very well design fitness blog. Of course, my favorite feature is the category drop downs from Fitness, Health, Happiness and A-Z Guide.


Quote from Greatist –

“Everyone has a choice to be more fit, healthy, and happy. And though our goals and ambitions are often similar, each person is unique, every story different. A greatist is someone who chooses better to improve their fitness, health, and happiness.”

Link to site:

#4 Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness rules! 🙂 Really, it is a great site with a fun feel. Not only does it look great on your desktop, the blog is responsive so the entire site scales down to fit your iPad and/or phone — well, mostly anyway.

Nerd Fitness

Quote from Nerd Fitness –

“My goal is to inspire the Hell out of you to make positive changes and live a better life.  I want to educate you on how to work out properly, cook a decent meal, and consistently improve your health and well being.”

Link to site:

#5 Fat Smack

If you haven’t seen Fat Smack, you’ve got to check out the video on their site. It’s quite disturbing! This blog has a fun/light feel with bright and lively colors; not something you see on a fitness blog too often.

Fat Smack

Quote from Fat Smak –

“Just one sugar-sweetened beverage a day can seriously impact your health. And because drinking calories rarely satisfies your appetite, it’s easy to get more calories than your body really needs.”

Link to site:

#6 New York Times

For a blog with well over 7,000 fitness and health related articles, the New York Times does a great job of fitting it all in. Although it’s a little more cluttered than I prefer, they do have a ton of information to offer.

New York Times

Quote from New York Times –

??? I didn’t really find one solid quote to grab from the site. I mean, come on, it’s the New York Times! Their site covers just about all of it.

Link to site:

#7 Crude Fitness

Crude Fitness is another very well designed blog. It boasts a solid layout with a neutral color palette along with some nice looking highlights. This is not a big surprise considering that Clint (author/owner) is also a web designer!

Crude Fitness

Quote from Crude Fitness –

“This site is an on-going informational resource which will be experience based and will aim to debunk some of the myths currently floating around.”

Link to site:

#8 JCD Fitness

From the second web designer on this list, JCD has put together an awesome site. Not only does the site scale down to fit your handheld, it packs a ton of great information.

JCD Fitness

Quote from JCD Fitness –

“JCDFitness is much more than your general fitness tips website. I learned long ago that if I ever wanted to make an impact, you must choose to be different. I had to do what others weren’t doing, or possibly even afraid of doing.”

Link to site:

#9 Freaking Fitness

Freaking Fitness just makes me want to go to the beach! As soon as I found this site, I remembered one of the reasons we all want to be fit … so we can go to the beach and play. Well designed blog that delivers it’s content simply and easily.

Freaking Fitness

Quote from Freaking Fitness –

“Freaking Fitness is all about living healthy and having a blast in the process … The hope is to build a fun community, lasting relationships and share ideas and information.”

Link to site:

#10 Nia Shanks

Nia is one tough girl (world record holder) and her site backs that up. The design puts off a strong but somewhat feminine feel. With a good mixture of strong and bold fonts combined with a more refined cursive font, Nia’s site was obviously put together with her in mind.

Nia Shanks

Quote from Nia Shanks –

“Nia Shanks is a writer, personal trainer … Her goal is to help as many individuals as possible achieve their body composition and performance goals …”

Link to site:

I’ve got a few other fitness and health blogs that I like to read. Unfortunately, a few of those didn’t quite make the cut for the best designed blogs on the web. 🙁