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  1. Ari
    July 17, 2012 @ 10:57 am

    A question about the heart rate range that Rusty reccomends: I am 45 years old, so my MHR is supposed to be 175. 90% of that is 157.5 and yes, I have done that and it is fairly hard. Am I supposed to push harder to get to at least 165? Any more than that and I would be pushing to my MHR. I can’t really see myself going into 100% and above my LT for 2-3 minutes. That seems more to me like the type of HR I’d shoot for with HIIT. I’ve got no problem working hard, but the range that rusty reccomends seems too general. Is there a more specific way to determine at what heart rate I should shoot for to figure out my LT?


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