Setting Fitness Goals: Examples Of What Not To Do

Dwight Howard Shirtless

An appropriate place to start is setting fitness goals.

On the about page I ensure that you will get results from following my advice and fitness strategies. There is a catch though – isn’t there always.

You must be disciplined and consistent. I’m not saying that you must never skip a workout, eat a burger or drink a beer, in fact I would actually recommend that under the right circumstances. To be successful in achieving your fitness goals, you cannot set yourself up for failure.

Many professional athletes are great examples of those who set goals and truly push themselves to reach them, and Dwight Howard is just one of many good examples.

Examples of setting fitness goals that will ultimately lead to failure:

  • Lose 30lbs of pure fat while gaining 10lbs of lean, toned muscle in one month.
  • Drop 20lbs and have a perfect six pack by the end of the month.
  • Increase my bench press by 20% in two weeks.
  • Stay on my diet and workout routine for an entire year with zero breaks.

No one is perfect and no one stays on track perfectly. Those who are successful though, are good at setting goals and keeping those goals in mind.

If you stay on track 100% 80% of the time and to allow yourself some slack 20% of the time you will succeed in reaching your fitness goals. In a two week period, you should be committed to achieving your goals 11 days out of 14.

The overall goal here is consistency. If you have to give some to stay on track, you will be able to stay on course and reach your fitness goals.