Workout Like Supercross Racer Davi Millsaps With This Motocross Workout Routine

This week’s post is going to be a little different … a motocross workout. Normally the focus of the workouts and diets that I put on here are more about looking good than performing a specific sport. For most of us, just working out, dieting and “being in shape” is all we really want. But today’s post is for all of you motocross riders out there.

Motocross Workout

The more fit you are, the faster you can ride.

The more you ride the more you can understand just how fit motocross racers need to be. When your arms are so pumped that you can’t hit the front break you aren’t going to be able to go into the corners with as much speed … and forget clutching out of them.

Now, I love motocross, supercross and FMX but where I live there are some awesome trails and ripping on these trails is by far my favorite. But, in order to do any of these well, you’ve got to be fit. So today I’m going to outline a motocross workout routine that will help any of you mx’ers out there push the limits.

Side note: I used to race (very amature) but I now have a wife and two kids so I don’t do much actual “racing” anymore. I guess limping home with a kinked neck and sore back after coming up short on a triple is a little stressful for a new mom and wife handle. 😉 Any way …

The Motocross Workout By Pablo Toribio

I was originally planning on coming up with my own motocross workout routine but after doing a little searching I found this workout on Men’s Health that was put together by Pablo Toribio.

Who is Pablo Toribio? Pablo Toribio is a champion motocross racer and has been racing with the AMA since 1988. Not only does he know how to train for motocross, he knows how to train others. He’s even trained Davi Millsaps.

Here is the routine he put together.

  • 1-Mile Run
  • 50 Jumping Jacks
  • 20 Alternative Jumping Leg Lunges with Medicine Ball
  • 15 Frog Jumps
  • 20 Squats with a Medicine Ball
  • 30 Seconds of Side-to-Sides with Medicine Ball
  • 30 Seconds of Medicine Ball Exchange Arm-to-Leg Raises
  • 10 Burpees
  • 10 Jumps with Medicine Ball

The goal is to do the entire workout as fast as you can. This may seem like a fairly easy routine but trust me, you’ll be pretty smoked after this one.

Since the focus is on getting through it as fast as you can it is great for racing preparation. You get tired and fatigued but you’ve got to keep form and keep pushing … just like in a race. Just because you’re tired does not mean that you can let your form go. In fact, that’s the most important time to stick with what you’ve practiced.

When you think of the truly great riders (I think of Windham, Carmichael, Reed, etc.) there’s one thing they all have in common — they take their sport, career and training very seriously.

I’ve posted this video interview of Carmichael a while back stressing the importance of hard work and dedication, but I feel it’s definitely worth another view, especially with this workout for motocross racers. Okay, I posted this video too, but it’s pretty cool!

If you’re looking for a much more in-depth motocross workout plan and schedule than the one above, Mike Stephens has a cool one worth checking out called Get Fit Ride Fast. Who is Mike Stephens?

Personal Fitness Trainer and Sports College Lecturer, I am also the father of a motocross racing/ junior champion son in the UK … I wrote Get Fit Ride Fast to provide the one stop solution … a similar package would cost a fortune, but not any more.” – Stephens

For more info about Get Fit Ride Fast you can checkout Mike Stephens’ website.

Note: if you’re not into racing I really don’t recommend this full on workout program. The program is geared towards making you faster on a motorcycle and less on looking good.