The Best Workout Routines For 2012 – Muscle Building, Body Weight & Ab Workouts

During 2011 there were several different workout routines that came out. Of these, here are the ones that I feel will most certainly be the most effective and the best workout routines for 2012. If there happens to be any that come out after this post (that I feel are worthy) I’ll ad them to the list. Otherwise, I have a feeling the the best workouts from 2011 are going to remain the best for 2012.

Best Workout Routines 2012

Although  I’m personally not a New Year’s resolution type of guy, there’s no denying that getting in shape is a good goal … no matter when you decide to act upon it.

In this post I’ll highlight the best workouts 2012 will offer for building muscle, getting defined, ripped and for getting great abs. Although the majority of these workouts will be aimed at men, there are some that are still very good for women too.

Getting Results From Your 2012 Workout

First of all, what makes a good workout routine? Basically it just needs to promise realistic results and then deliver on that promise. If you’ve been searching online for any amount of time then you are no doubt aware that there are A LOT of different workouts being promoted. In reality, most of them are good and you will get results if you follow them.

What I’m not crazy about is that some of them make some pretty lofty claims like you can gain 20lbs of muscle in 3 months or that you can get a six pack with 7 minute workouts. Neither one of these claims are realistic, at least not for the majority of people.

If you want awesome results you’ve got to expect to put in an awesome amount of effort. I don’t think that you need, or should, put in 2-3 hour workouts 4-5 times a week, but it is going to take commitment. Realistically, you’ve got to be willing to put in 45-60 minutes at least 3 times a week. To get the best results though, you’re realistically looking at working out 4 times a week.

My most effective frequency is 4 workouts a week that last 45 minutes. If I’m really trying to focus hard on getting lean then I’ll bump up the time to 60 minutes or so for some additional fat burning cardio. With that said, here are what I feel are the best workout routines for 2012.

Best Workout Routines For 2012

Okay, now that we’ve set some realistic requirements for a workout to be effective, here are the ones that I feel are going to give you the best results with the most efficient approach.

Best Weight Lifting Workout For Men 2012

Visual Impact Muscle BuildingAfter being released in 2011, Visual Impact Muscle Building has done nothing but increase in popularity. Why? Because it actually works. The main focus of the program is to build a lean, muscular and defined look like you see many of the popular Hollywood stars doing.

I’ve been recommending this workout ever since I first gave it a go and now it seems that everyone is coming around. Yes, there is a reason that this workout has been climbing the charts and is now the #1 recommended muscle building workout for this 2012 year.

Although it is technically muscle building course, the truth is that you’ve got to be lean to look good. With that in mind, the program systematically takes you through three phases.

  • Phase #1 – Pure Muscle Gain
  • Phase #2 – Muscle Gains / Hardening of the Muscle / Fat Loss
  • Phase #3 – Pure Muscle Definition & Fat Loss

Click here to go to the Visual Impact Muscle Building website.

Best Workout Routine For Women In 2012

Visual Impact For WomenTo me, there is only one workout for women to follow, Visual Impact for Women. I can’t imagine a woman needing a different workout if she wants to look feminine. I found this workout after I had been following the Visual Impact Muscle Building workout.

Visual Impact for Women is all about creating a womanly look … slim, feminine and the right amount of curves in the right places. If you are a woman and you want to gain a lot of muscle that’s totally cool, but you’re better off following one of the workouts for men.

With this workout you get a full e-book on weight lifting to get toned and feminine. There is also some great advice on dieting for an event and and entire bonus e-book called Fat Torching Cardio. This cardio book is awesome, seriously.

Click here to go to the Visual Impact for Women website.

Best Body Weight Workout For 2012

Turbulence TrainingThe best body weight workout has to go to Turbulence Training. There were a few new ones that came out in 2011 but in the end I feel that Turbulence Training has earned it’s right as the go-to body weight workout routine for 2012.

These workouts are fairly quick and fairly intense but they deliver results. Many men and women follow these and never even go to the gym. Honestly, I’ve done many of the workouts and I really like them. In then end though, I prefer weight lifting, but if you have limited or no access to the gym, this is the workout

Click here to go to the Turbulence Training website.

Best Abs Workout Routine For 2012

Truth About AbsAn oldie but goody. Mike Geary’s Truth About Abs has been and continues to be the six pack abs workout. Geary stands behind his workout and so do many of the successful followers to this workout routine.

Don’t expect to do endless crunches and sit-ups. Everybody knows that’s NOT how you get abs. Full body workouts combined with the right type of diet and the right amounts of ab workouts and you can actually get a six pack.

Click here to go to the Truth About Abs website.

A Warning For The Year’s Best Workouts

Overall, any one of these workouts is great. As I said in the beginning though, even these workout routines are not good enough to produce results if you aren’t willing and determined to put in the time and the effort.

No matter what workout you choose to do this year you should have one goal; get in the best shape of your life THIS year and then stay that way.

Once you reach your goal weight, goal build goal whatever … the maintenance is much easier than the road there. If you can dedicate yourself to your workout (and diet) for long enough you will get results. If that means buying a workout routine, hiring a trainer or whatever else it takes, do it … you’ll be happy you did.

Put in the work during 2012 and make 2013’s goal to simply maintain what you’ve earned.