The Theme of This Health And Fitness Blog – To Show You How To Get Toned, Lean & In Truly Great Shape

I will definitely hope to devote much of this blog to simple, effective and cutting edge fitness and health tips that will enable you to live a “normal” life and be in great shape. When I think of living a normal life, at least in relation to your health and fitness, what I mean is that you should not be obsessed with it. I do, however believe that it is healthy to be conscious of what you are doing, what you are eating and what your goals are.

Health And Fitness Blog

I have discovered, learned and proven to myself some very effective strategies and methods on how to get lean, toned muscles and to do so in a healthy way. Throughout my school years I never even thought twice about taking in supplements, doing crazy workouts and running myself down – all I wanted was to do good in sports, and look good when it came time to go wake-boarding during summer vacation.

The diets and workouts that you will see results from do not need to be complex nor out-of-this-world, and you do not need to take in harmful supplements. As long as you workout and diet strategically, you will see great results by getting back to some of the basics. It does take the right combination of workout routines, diet, resistance training and cardio to maximize your time and effort, but that’s where the “Black & White” comes in – I plan on making it simple!

I have spent many months at a time training and have not seen results until it all “clicked!” After that, I was able to reach fitness goals that I had set for myself within one month – no, I wasn’t finished, but the results I saw honestly shocked me.

Why a Health and Fitness Blog?

I love fitness!
I am a web designer by day, so after all of the work that I’ve done for our clients, I figured I should have a blog too. I really didn’t want to blog about web and graphic design because I am so consumed by that for much of my time. I truly love the topic of fitness and the fact that I sit on my butt all day (other than my brief escapes outside for fresh air), means I need to workout to keep fit.

I do not like, nor do I endorse the “bodybuilder” physique. I believe that look is incredibly dated and it really does not exemplify true fitness. Don’t get me wrong, muscle is awesome and you absolutely need it to look good. I just think that the type of muscle you have plays a huge role in whether or not you look fit. Bodybuilder types are usually poofy, bloated and round – I prefer the sharp angular look and that’s what I aim to achieve.

If that’s what you’re into as well, this is gonna be fun!

Is This Fitness Blog Going to Stay in Black & White?

I really don’t know – we’ll see. The main idea behind the “black & white” is the simplicity though. Getting in great shape does not have to be complicated. True, there is a lot of science that is behind the scenes, but I don’t really think most people are concerned about that.