New Mood Review – Will You Really Feel Better?

Onnit has released some amazing products, including the Alpha Brain (for cognitive improvement) and the Shroom Tech Sport (for improvement of athletic performance). Hence, when they released New Mood, many were excited to give it a try. Below is an initial assessment of the product and an overall review.

What Is Onnit’s New Mood?

New Mood by Onnit LabsOnnit’s New Mood is a supplement that is said to enhance our moods and improve our sleep patterns. We all know that having to work hard and deal with day to day life leaves us with very poor sleep patterns. As a result, we find that our mood drops, throwing us into a downward spiral. Once we get to this stage, we need something that not just boosts our mood, but also relieves our stress and helps us achieve that fantastic sleep we actually crave so much. This is exactly what New Mood can offer you.

Geared at people who work hard and party harder, or those who have just had to stay up cramming down for their exams, this is the perfect product to restore your sleep patterns and release all the negative feelings you will have built up through your past lifestyle.

Considering how we all have to work so incredibly hard to meet our financial responsibilities, and because we all have so many social responsibilities and a home to look after as well, a product that can help us deal with all these stresses is incredibly welcome. New Mood essentially gives you the ability to enter an almost meditative state. In a time when belief systems such as Mindfulness are becoming increasingly popular, this product ties in very well.

It makes it possible to sit down and reflect, focus on the positives in life rather than rehashing all the stresses and negatives and in effect bringing your job home.

Coupled with the fact that you will be able to get a wonderful night’s sleep, rather than tossing and turning, this truly is an amazing product that will benefit people from all walks of life.

New Mood Ingredients and Effects

New Mood is a product that boosts our levels of serotonin. It helps us relax and improves our general mood.


The ingredients have been carefully selected for their wonderful affects, and many of them interact together to create a true synergistic effect.

Happiness – 5-htp and L-tryptophan are the two main ingredients that help us feel happier. They are a conversion catalyst, which are very strong when combined with Vitamin B6. These two ingredients are probably what most strongly work at boosting levels of serotonin. Interestingly, it is the combination of these two ingredients that works so well. 5-htp on its own is effective, but when combined with L-tryptophan, it reaches whole new levels.

Mood boosting – The niacin, lemon balm and vitamin D-3 included in the product are designed to boost your mood. They increase the effects of the happiness ingredients. For some, they are just secondary boosters, but that doesn’t make them any less important or effective. The difference they make cannot be denied and New Mood would be much less effective without them.

Better relaxation and enhanced sleep – Thanks to the Jujube seed extract, valerian root, magnesium and chamomile, you will experience greater relaxation. These ingredients are known to have anti-anxiety effects. This is what really sets New Mood apart from other products. It doesn’t just lift your mood by giving your neurotransmitters a boost; it actually helps you to relax. This means that you can improve the way you actually use your new-found happier and better mood. You will notice both your muscles and mind start to relax, so you can focus more on the important things. You will feel calmer, sleep better and you will recover from stress quicker. The stress relieving properties are what are most impressive about this supplement.

Click here to learn more about the effects and ingredients in New Mood.

From this list, it should be clear that this is a solid product. There are various other products on the market that claim to have similar effects, but they lack these impressive ingredients and don’t consider how various ingredients work in conjunction to each other. No doubt, the positive effects from New Mood are due considerably to these interactions.

The Positives

  • It works incredibly well and very quickly. The effects are strong and you will notice them straight away.
  • Your mood will really improve noticeably. Many things that may have stressed you out in the past will now suddenly not bother you anymore.
  • The benefits to your serotonin levels are very clear.
  • You will notice better sleep, waking up refreshed and relaxed, rather than groggy and moody.
  • If you work out, you will notice you recover quickly from fatigue. All that you need to feel yourself again is a good night’s sleep, which is exactly what New Mood will give you.
  • You will notice that you can think more clearly.
  • Works perfectly with other Onnit products, particularly the Alpha Brain nootropic stack.

The Negatives

  • New Mood isn’t the cheapest product out there, but it is certainly the best. Any cheaper products tend to be very ineffective.
  • Once you stop taking the product, you will notice your mood starts to drop again and the effects wear off.
  • There are currently no bundle deals between the various Onnit products. However, these may yet appear, which will make the various products even more interesting.

The Verdict

The ingredients in Onnit’s New Mood have been really well chosen. Each of them is designed to increase your mood, reduce feelings of anxiety, help you sleep and help you recover from workouts.

The stack is put together so well that you really won’t need to add any other ingredients to create a different stack of mood boosting elements. For those who want even better sleep, phenibut and melatonin could be stacked to the New Mood product.

Overall though, a solid supplement from a very reputable company. Click here to visit the Onnit website.