Exercise & Dieting Tips Reveal How To Lose Man Breast Fat And Get Masculine Looking Pecs – For Good!

Going to the beach and and tearing your shirt apart to reveal your broad, masculine and well formed pecs is something every man should be able to do. Okay, maybe the whole superhero bit is a bit much, but the fact is — not all feel that they have this Superman option available to them. In reality though, there are some solid and tested approaches that show just how to lose man breast fat. You probably won’t be propelled into Superman status overnight, but you’ll at least be moving in that direction.

How to Lose Man Breast Fat

There are many reasons men face this problem and the truth is that most advice on how to lose man breast fat isn’t quite complete. Absolutely diet and exercise are the key. One of the biggest determining factors in how to lose man breast fat has to do fixing the hormonal imbalance in your body. There are certain foods that you should eat and there are certain exercises that you should do.

How To Lose Man Breast Fat

In case you don’t already know, Gynecomastia is a type of “man boobs”, where fat develops into tissue around the breast. One of the key ways to get rid of this breast fat is to lose fat, obviously right. The more excess body fat you have, the larger your problem will likely be. Unfortunately though, as with any other type of fat, you cannot spot reduce.

You cannot do 100 pushups a day and expect your breast fat to disappear … it just doesn’t work like that. In order to lose breast fat, you’ve got to implement a solid diet and exercise program.

How To Lose Man Breast Fat By Dieting

There are many different approaches to losing weight. The overall focus of your diet and exercise program should be on losing fat. For me, I really like the Eat Stop Eat diet and I live this “lifestyle” year round. But in reality, it isn’t crucial which diet you follow as long as you are getting results.

Also, going out and finding a diet that you like may not be good enough. Since man boobs is mainly due to a hormonal imbalance, you need to be eating the right types of foods. According to the author of Chest Coach there are three reasons for hormone imbalance:

  1. Exposure to hormone altering chemicals (including diet)
  2. An underlying hormone altering condition
  3. Being overweight

How To Lose Man Breast Fat By Exercising

With any diet plan, it’s usually wise to incorporate some type of resistance exercising. By doing resistance training along with a low calorie diet you are ultimately forcing your body to lose fat.

After being on a low calorie diet for some time, your body’s natural response can be to hang on to fat and burn muscle for energy. If you are doing at least some form of resistance training though, your body realizes that it needs to hang on to the muscle and will burn fat as it’s energy.

As I mentioned earlier, you cannot simply bust out 100 pushups a day and expect to form nice looking pecs. In fact, your main plan of attack should be a combination of cardio and resistance training.

In another article about muscle definition workouts I talk about doing a routine based off of a two day split:

  • Day 1 – Chest & Back
  • Day 2 – Shoulders & Arms
  • Day 3 – Rest / Light Cardio

In each of these workouts you should follow with 10-20 minutes of high intensity interval training on a treadmill (or bike, or sprinting or anything else) to really melt fat. If you’ve got a lot of fat to lose, you can even throw in 10-20 minutes of traditional, steady state cardio at an easy pace.