The Benefits Of Hindu Pushups Reach More Than The Chest, Shoulders, Arms, Core… Well, You Get The Idea

What attracts me the most to Hindu pushups is the fact that they aren’t easy. No, they aren’t the hardest exercise either, but incorporating these into your workout every now and then is a great way to keep your body challenged and versatile. I know I get bored with the same exact exercises day in and day out and I think our bodies do too.

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Hindu pushups are generally accepted as being one of the more beneficial and comprehensive exercises you can do. Not only do they engage your chest, shoulders, arms and core, they require you to be aware of your body position at all times and help with your mind to body connection — great for functional strength and athletes.

How To Perform Hindu Pushups

1) Start with your butt in the air, legs wider apart than your hands and your hands placed on the floor in front of you so as to form a V shape. Resist the urge to look up. By keeping your head facing down you will keep the pressure and strain off of your neck.

2) In a swooping & controlled motion, move your body down so that your hips move toward the floor and your head and chest move upward. As you are descending, make sure you move fluidly and in control. As you move downward and then start ascending, slowly swing forward so that at the end of your movement you are arching your back and looking up towards the ceiling.

3) Now return… While keeping your arms straight, move your hips back to get to the starting position.

4) Once you’re back to the starting position you should go directly into another rep without staying locked at the top.

If you aren’t quite clear, here is a video on how to do Hindu pushups.

Although I am not currently doing these as a part of my actual workout “routine,” I do like to knock a few out while I’m watching TV or a little bit before bed. These are great because in addition to gaining strength, they promote flexibility and can help your back. This is where the real “manly” part comes into play ;)!

Remember, the benefits are more than just strength… The Indians believe that these allow your internal organs to open and promote energy and peacefulness… could be, I do sleep good!

Tips for Performing the Hindu Pushup

The entire movement should be consistent and smooth. No plyometric style explosions and no allowing yourself to fall to the floor. Also, unlike most exercises, breathing is the opposite of what you are used to. Instead of exhaling while you push, you should inhale.

A good place to start as far as reps and sets is the traditional 3 sets of 10 reps. As you get stronger and more accustomed to the movement you can increase to whatever works well for you.

Considering the subject of this post, I almost feel obligated to get all philosophical — although I’m really not… I will leave you with a famous Hindu quote though!

“When an elephant is in trouble, even a frog will kick him.”

According to, this ultimately means

“It doesn’t matter how big, rich or powerful you are. When you get into a compromised position the very least will be inclined to take advantage of you in your compromised position.”

For an awesome pushup workout that actually can build muscle mass and give you a fun and new challenge, checkout this article outlining the ultimate pushup workout routine — there are some pretty amazing videos on this page as well.