Green Tea Benefits – Weight Loss, Health, Ant-Aging … And More!

Tea has been around in our world for thousands of years. There are various types of teas, with many nations showing a particular preference for a certain type, such as Assam tea in the United Kingdom. One of the teas that are becoming increasingly popular, however, is green tea. Green tea has tremendous health benefits.

“Modern research has proven this to be true, discovering many health benefits of diverse kinds of tea; pu-erh tea reduces weight and harmful cholesterol, white teas have anti- cancer properties, black tea protects the lungs and reduces the risk of a stroke but the healthiest variant of them all is green tea.” – Wonder Woman

Each of these green tea benefits are confirmed again and again by medical professionals and other scientists alike.

Green Tea and Weight Loss

Green Tea Benefits

One of the many benefits that green tea can offer is that it aids people in weight loss.

The “official” recommendation is that people should drink 10 Japanese sized cups of green tea every day in order to access all its amazing benefits.

However, because this can be a bit much for people (although a Japanese cup size is only about half of a western mug), and because the benefit that most people are interested in has to do with the weight loss effects, manufacturers have come up with nifty solutions. They are now providing green tea capsules, which gives the right dosage in just a few tablets every day.

However, green tea is very tasty, and it can come in various additional flavors. Some of the popular flavors are pineapple (also good for weight loss), lotus flowers (really exotic) and mango, to name a few. Numerous scientific studies have now demonstrated that green tea aids weight loss by changing metabolism.

“Studies like the 2003 University of Birmingham study, mention green tea’s ability to aid fat oxidation. […] his implies that ingestion of green tea extract can not only increase fat oxidation during moderately intensive exercise but also improve insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance in healthy young men.”

Do not expect dramatic results unless you also combine this with a calorie controlled diet and regular physical exercise.

Green Tea and Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Research and Green Tea

Because of these monitored results and the now proven effect green tea has on our metabolic system, further research has been done to determine if some of the green tea benefits include helping those who suffer from metabolic syndrome.

A comprehensive study was performed by scientists in Oklahoma to determine the effects. The study monitored a range of people with metabolic syndrome, an illness that is characterized by hypertension, central obesity as well as disturbed insulin and glucose metabolism.

“Drinking green tea or taking a supplement containing green tea extracts may improve the body’s antioxidant protection in people with the metabolic syndrome, says a new study.” – Nutra

Those who suffer from metabolic syndrome are at increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease and Type 2 Diabetes.

Green Tea and Cancer

Green Tea and Cancer

Green tea is full of anti-inflammatory properties that are said to aid in the prevention of cancer. Significant research has been conducted into these benefits, and further research is continuing, as the results remain slightly conflicting. It seems, as well, that cultural background makes a difference in terms of how effective the tea is in order to prevent cancer or assist sufferers with going into remission.

However, as conflicting as the studies may be, they seem to agree that the one of the benefits of green tea is that it helps to combat cancers.

“A review of studies published in the Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology last year suggested that consuming 10 Japanese-size cups of green tea a day helps prevent several cancers and protect against recurrence of colorectal cancer. And a 2006 review in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition of the beneficial effects of green tea noted studies linking tea to reduced risk of ovarian, prostate and breast cancers.” – Stuff

That is a significant amount of highly common cancers and demonstrates the important of drinking the tea.

It is also interesting to keep track of news in the field of green tea, as researchers regularly release new data about the benefits of green tea. Because the money spent on cancer research is very large, it is possible for scientists to spend a significant amount of time looking into the benefits of various products available.

Green Tea and Anti-Aging Properties

The anti-aging properties that green tea is said to hold also make it hugely popular.

Anti Aging Properties Although there is something to be said for growing old gracefully, our lives, lifestyles and environments often lead to us growing old prematurely, rather than gracefully.

There are various treatment options available to give people in order to help them achieve vitality and youthfulness once again, and green tea is starting to be at the forefront of this. Obviously, anything that has an effect on the youthfulness of our appearance that doesn’t require any type of invasive procedures is going to be beneficial. It is also believed that if we look more vital and youthful, it is because our internal processes are functioning in that manner again. Hence, by opting for any type of treatment that has real anti-aging properties, we also become more fit, active and overall healthy.

“Green and white teas are loaded with healthful polyphenols that not only provide antioxidant protection to the cells, but also contain L-theanine, which some say creates a relaxed meditative-like brain state. No wonder green tea has been a staple in Zen monasteries.” – CBS Local, New York

With green tea, it seems the benefits are found on a relaxation of the mind.

Green Tea and Strokes and Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular Disease

Scientists have now been able to demonstrate that green tea lowers the chance of strokes and the development of cardiovascular disease. This is very important news, as both these illnesses are potentially fatal, cost the healthcare sector millions and, most importantly, create a huge reduction in a person’s quality of life. If this can all be avoided by drinking a few cups of tea a day, then the green tea benefits really are amazing.

“Drinking 2 to 3 cups of green tea each day had a 14 percent lower risk of stroke, up that to 4 cups a day and it became 20 percent lower.” – Digital Journal

So how come green tea has all of these benefits? The understanding is that this is due to the antioxidants that are found in the beverage. Antioxidants are actually so strong that they cancel out the harmful effects of the caffeine found in green tea. Antioxidants are found in a variety of other products as well, but it is believed that they are the easiest to access through green tea.

Considering the effect that green tea can have on your metabolic system, you will know that your metabolism will be in optimal condition to provide your body with the energy it needs in order to sustain itself during a workout.

By engaging is rigorous physical exercise, you should already reduce your chances of developing cancer, and the green tea will give this an extra boost.

The anti-aging properties are some of the most important ones. Not only will they help you in terms of maintaining a strong, beautiful, physical appearance, but they will also help your internal organs and blood circulation function properly. Being young in mind, body and spirit is of vital importance to someone who wants to excel.

Last but not least, the fact that green tea protects against strokes and cardiovascular disease means you can push yourself to greater limits and achieve better results.

Just remember, green tea isn’t a miracle drug. And it’s certainly not a cure-all, end-all drink! It is good though. 🙂

Whether you drink it hot or cold, green tea can be quite refreshing and will leave you feeling content.

Reaching those ten Japanese-sized cups each day will be like a walk in the park. Many people (like me) become almost addicted to the zen-like feeling they get from drinking the tea, the relaxation and peacefulness it gives.

One word of warning, however, is that you must drink your green tea without milk. Not only does milk in green tea taste horrid, but the milk would also cancel out some of the green tea benefits.

Sugar does not have an adverse effect on the drink, but remember that sugar is not exactly good for you either. You may want to replace it with a sweetener of some kind, but my recommendation would be to drink it completely natural.

If you do want a slightly sweeter drink, you can always try one of the flavored versions as mentioned earlier.