Alpha Brain Review – Will Onnit’s Supplement Make You Smarter?

Onnit Labs has released its Alpha Brain supplement. It is a product designed to help people boost their memory and concentration, all packed into an easy to consume nootropic stack. Alpha Brain is not the first supplement that makes this claim. However, it promises that it is not like all the other hyped-up products out there that have shown zero results. It seems that all the ingredients and the doses of these ingredients are stacked and designed to give you the results you want. But does it really work?

Please note: this is simply an Alpha Brain review. If you would like to visit the official website, please click here. Otherwise, I’ll tell you more about the supplement.

What Is Alpha Brain by Onnit?

The various ingredients in Alpha Brain are designed to help you increase your memory and concentration. For instance, Vinpocetine is known to give people higher blood flow towards their brain. Huperzine A is known to stop your acetylcholine neurotransmitter from breaking down. Alpha GPC increases your choline levels and so on.

If you haven’t seen the video on the Onnit website, it’s worth checking out. It’s a little hyped up because it’s their video but it does give you a good idea the product is all about and Joe Rogan discusses Alpha Brain a little more in-depth.

Alpha Brain Video Review

Who Is Alpha Brain by Onnit For?

Anybody can take this product. However, it is most suitable for those who have no experience with nootropics. Those who do have generally started to create their own stacks. However, Alpha Brain could be a very adequate replacement for these stacks that people have built themselves. As a cognitive enhancer, Alpha Brain delivers exactly what you would expect it to. One downside is that Alpha Brain does not contain racetams. However, it must be noted that most racetams have not been approved by the FDA, which means that Onnit cares greatly about the safety of its product and cares about the fact that anybody should be able to take Alpha Brain safely.

Ingredients of Alpha Brain

The most important thing about the product is the ingredients it contains. One capsule contains 11 nootropics, designed specifically to give users enhanced cognitive abilities. Interestingly, each of the ingredients works on a specific cognitive function, which makes Alpha Brain such a great all-rounder. The eleven nootropics are:

  • Hiperzine A
  • Alpha-GPC Choline
  • AC-11
  • Vinpocetine
  • Serrata
  • Bacopa Monneiri
  • Mucuna Pruriens
  • Pterostilbene
  • Vitamin B6
  • Oat straws

Alpha Brain Ingredients

Combined, these ingredients improve all of a user’s mental abilities. They improve memory and increase neuroplasticity, give users a greater attention span and improve their focus. Best of all, the ingredients lift the mood and increase social skills as well.

Alpha Brain Prices

The best place to buy Alpha Brain from at this moment in time is through Onnit itself. As always, if buying in bulk, you will make the greatest savings. A single 30 pill bottle costs $34.95. This bottle will last between two weeks and a full month, depending on how much you take. I personally recommend the lower dosage and then go from there. However, if you purchase two bottles at the same time, you will already see a 15% discount, or a 25% discount when purchasing three bottles.

In terms of dosage, it is best to take Alpha Brain daily. This way, the increase in your levels of neurotransmitters will be permanent and you will notice more long term effects in your brain cells. It is not unheard of for people to increase their dosage to three pills a day just before they have to sit through a difficult exam, interview or other mentally draining event.

The most a person can take daily is four pills every 24 hours. However, most would agree that a single pill a day is actually sufficient to see noticeable results.

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What is impressive is the fact that experts consider Alpha Brain by Onnit to be the best nootropics stack out there. Really, if you want to have a better mood, be able to focus better, increase your energy levels and have all-round better cognitive skills, this is going to be the best product you can get your hands on.

Alpha Brain

Another thing that really sets this product apart is that there is total honesty and transparency about the ingredients of the stack. Furthermore, the nootropic ingredients themselves are present in a higher dosage than in any other product. The ingredients are also highly diverse, another clear pro in this product.

The safety of any product is always hugely important, but never more so than when it affects the brain. There are stringent rules around nootropic stacks, including the fact that any side-effects must be minimal. It is for this reason that various popular products such as Adderal, Ritalin and Ephedrine or other amphetamines cannot be classed as a nootropic. These products all have incredible, sometimes dangerous side effects. There are no known safety issues with Alpha Brain. In fact, those people who already take racetams to enhance their cognitive functions have found that taking Alpha Brain as well reduces the side effects of the racetams, the most common one being severe headaches.

Alpha Brain Negatives

One negative could be that there are no racetams in Alpha Brain. There are various racetams on the market now, including Aniracetam and Piracetam, which are the strongest ones available. These are known to give fantastic concentration and focus gains, so why have these not been included in Onnit’s latest product? However, racetams can be purchased individually, and various people now take these together with Alpha Brain to get even better results.

So, is Alpha Brain by Onnit a product that will make you smarter? It seems those who have tried it think so. Many have tried it and have noticed a greater ability to concentrate and an improvement in overall mood and feelings of well-being. I can say that although I really never thought I’d even be interested in nootropics, after being referred to these by a friend I am now a big fan.

I haven’t taken an IQ test before and after trying Alpha Brain or anything but I can say that after about 2 weeks of consistently taking a nootropic I do notice a significant difference.

The price is very reasonable and I can only find one real drawback (the lack of racetams), but because racetams are not for everybody and they can be purchased separately, this is negligible.

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